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Building the road to your future wealth

Wealth management is a life-long dedication to sound financial principles and sensible decision-making. Wealth is not an end in itself, but an enabler for people to live longer and fuller lives. Carrick’s advisory team employs financial diversification and active portfolio management to prepare our clients for a prosperous future. Guided by an understanding of your financial situation, we build the road to your future wealth through careful financial planning, strategic implementation and ongoing management.

We earn our clients’ trust through expertise and advice delivered to the highest ethical standards in accordance with a rigid code of conduct. As champions of your financial destiny, capital protection is the central pillar in our success. We respect the assets that our highly successful clients have spent their lives accumulating.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and partners and strive for holistic integrated wealth management.

Our Value Proposition


We champion respect, integrity, professionalism, mentorship, character development and empowerment, and we seek out those who display the qualities we admire.


Our collective knowledge, gained from decades of experience understanding markets, risk, rewards and behaviours, allows us to strategise plans based on our clients’ specific goals.


Integrity is at the heart of Carrick. As one of the leading financial advisory firms on the continent, we fulfil the fiduciary responsibility to always do what is in the best interests of our clients.

How We Work


Meet with your Carrick Private Wealth Manager

More than a financial advisor, your Private Wealth Manager is your committed travel partner on your long-term financial journey.


Fact finding

Using a bespoke fully confidential client questionnaire we gain an understanding of your financial position and goals.


Risk assessment

A detailed risk assessment will establish an asset allocation strategy that aligns your risk appetite, risk tolerance and investment horizon.


Build a financial plan

Your customised plan includes an investment proposal, cash flow projection, suitability report and a full disclosure of fees. As your situation and requirements change your Private Wealth Manager will work with you to ensure your financial plan continues to meet your goals.


Service Commitment

Our Private Wealth Managers are committed to the highest levels of service. They are available at any time and are committed to assist with valuations on all investments, market reviews, evaluate financial goals, discuss life stage events, or revise financial needs as things change. Carrick clients have instant online access to the Concierge portal to view valuations and important policy information in real time.

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