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Comprehensive and personal wealth management, financial services for UK Residents regardless of whether you are UK domiciled or not

About Carrick Global Wealth Ltd


Carrick Global Wealth Ltd provides the full spectrum of wealth management and financial advisory services, for British citizens and others currently working or residing in the UK. Carrick Global Wealth Ltd is focused on assisting these clients with financial strategy inclusive of financial planning, asset management, foreign exchange, fiduciary services and tax liabilities.

Carrick Global Wealth Ltd is part of the Carrick Group of Companies, which allows our South African Carrick Wealth office to further assist South African domiciled clients with management of assets in their country of origin, as well as financial emigration if they move into a different tax environment and regime.

What sets up apart

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and partners and strive for holistic integrated wealth management.

We believe wealth management is a life-long dedication to sound financial principles and sensible decision-making.

We believe in delivering to the highest ethical standards in accordance with a rigid code of conduct.

We believe you should live a rich, meaningful life and our approach is about aligning your financial plan with your desired financial future.

We believe wealth is not an end in itself, but an enabler for people to live longer and fuller lives.

We believe capital protection is the central pillar in financial success.

Let us help you build your path to future wealth.

The Carrick Investment Philosophy


The greatest of leaders will attest to the fact that there are no shortcuts to success. Wealth management is never a single step, but a life-long voyage, driven by sound financial principles.


Guided by insight, rationalised by market research and supported by rigorous due diligence, our team of Private Wealth Managers help navigate long-term wealth.


Trust is the foundation of our client relationships. We cultivate solid, long-term client relationships founded on the sound principles of transparency, honesty and professionalism.



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